Out of the Shadows: On Blogging

Just some thoughts about learning about blogging on this Friday night. Although I have other things to blog about, I’ve been reading and learning about the whys and the motivations for blogging for personal and professional reasons. Although I have written school papers for grad school and college in the past, the “blog” is a very different gig. Kind of like journaling for the public, although I don’t often journal, and when I do, it’s mostly lists and phrases and gibberish about things or ideas my brain needs to get rid of so, maybe not a journal at all but a notebook of ideas that I may follow up on in a year.

But back to the topic.

There are a lot of experts out there with different advice about optimizing your blogging time…wear a headset with music so you can immerse yourself and just write write write. Give yourself a period of time and go with it. Don’t force it. Stay on topic, and become the master of a niche. Others say get into a quiet place without interruptions. Some recommendations talk about exercising before the task to clear your head so thoughts will just fall onto the page. Having content for a few weeks in advance is also mentioned.

I never knew there was so much too it. I thought I could just write down and do it. But then there are other questions….Who am I to have a blog? How much to reveal? How preachy do I sound if I am trying to relay health-related tips? Will people read it? Will it be one of those blogs no one reads? Who even cares about what I have to say? I read others’ stuff, but who wants to learn from me? Will I make a difference? Will I “reach” people? Who are those people? I don’t understand monetizing a blog, so who would want to pay me for anything and how do you even accomplish that? Do I promote it on other sites and when? At what point will I feel “ready” to tell people about my blog? Do I want my friends to be reading this, or would I rather have perfect strangers read it?

It’s just a weird phenomenon that in 2018, we are all blogging. We want to be significant in some regard, and we want to be heard beyond the boundaries of our current situation. We want to make a difference and touch someone with our words. We have something to share, and we hope that beyond our professional and personal settings, we can relay a message to some soul who is ready to receive it.

It’s scary to admit that it is something that is a big step to take. Vulnerability. Novice. Imposter syndrome. Again. 

I have read others’ blog pieces and admired the words on the page. Most of them just flow. My challenge is to overcome the block in my head that I need to stay under the radar and just start to write, tweak it a bit, don’t agonize until it’s “perfect,” and then let it go.  That’s also why I called the blog “Out of the Shadows.” I think it the concept of “out of the shadows” signifies major changes. It means not being invisible in a world where we’re all meant to somehow make a difference and stand out, and that it’s ok to do that. It means making a contribution –no matter how small or how big — instead of just being a taker. It means destroying the boundaries that are constructed, getting out of operating in a safe zone at any age, and making room for something new.

Stepping things up for professional reasons and also hoping to gain something personally – well, that’s long overdue. Although I have taken lots of chances in other areas, “putting myself out there” into the media has not been one them. That’s not good enough anymore in today’s business world, knowing that use of the various platforms need to be maximized to your benefit, to reach the people you want to reach, as well as to add value to a community.  And we have so many ways to do that now – blogs, social media sites, podcasts, lecturing, or one-on-one.

Maybe there’s something greater in store when I keep going…just around the next bend of that path I’m on.

So on I blog.


Blog entry 9 of 30.

Photo: Mountain Biking at Brundage Mountain, Idaho

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