Out of the Shadows: When Things Don’t Go Well, Be Like the Dog

When things don’t go so well, like today, it’s easy to want to retreat. To hide. To seek shelter in the shadows again.

There will always be stressful, less-than-desirable events in our lives. That’s just life. What do we do?

This afternoon when the dog I am watching took a siesta in the bed of herbs, I had to laugh. Reframe the day. Just let it go. Get upset at the dog? No. Here’s an animal that seeks the best in each moment, suns herself, isn’t worried about crushing the herbs, and is oblivious to everything around her except being right in the moment and with the ultimate goal of only feeling good and getting her needs met. No anxiety. No stress about the next thing that will happen or not happen. Why can’t we do that?

Interestingly, a few times when I checked into social media today, posts about magic…creating magic, being intentional about making magic, finding magic in the day, and seeing magical things happen floated across my news feed. A subtle message, and each post by someone else, but I heard it and paid attention to this common theme for the day that was overpowered by these negative, albeit temporary, vibes.

When I took a walk tonight with the moon in all her glory, I had to say STOP. Just. STOP. I took some deep breaths and just expressed gratitude for all the good things going on. And there are so many. The crap always blows over. When we let it ruin the moment, we lose. Why do we let the few thoughts destroy our peace, robbing us of precious time and letting us worry and ruminate? I was ok when I returned back home, but breaking that cycle takes some work, doesn’t it?

Tomorrow I start again. Be in the moment. Create magic. Be magic. Stay focused. Say thank you for the good things.

Be like the dog in the herbs.


Blog Day #8 of 30.


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