Level Up for 2018!

Are you ready to get into shape? Are you tired of the same old routine, foods, diet fads, or way of doing things that didn’t work for you? As a personal fitness trainer and functional aging specialist specializing in the wellness of seniors, I can help you with your physical training needs and help you move safely. I am also a nurse practitioner so will work on integrating any concerns from a medical standpoint to keep you safe including medication reviews (and how they might contribute to fall risk or side effect risk), nutrition reviews, and fall risk education.


  • Are you ready to get a start on your 2018 New Year’s resolution?
  • Are you ready to change how you feel?
  • Do you want to learn more about how to move better, eat better, and live better?
  • Do you have a bucket list of travel that you want to achieve?
  • Do you have grandkids that you want to play with?
  • Do you want to keep up with your active partner or adult children?
  • Do you wish to have more energy to keep working?


I want to help you. I will come to your home – your safest environment – to show you how you can achieve this! Let’s work together to promote YOUR wellbeing and longevity!


Call me at 928-503-2635! Let’s see what we can achieve together to get you back on track. 

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