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More Thoughts on Body Shaming

Let go with allowing the pernicious, destructive character of the pervasive presence of body shaming in our society rob you of your individuality, diversity, personal expression, uniqueness, and vitality in the world. Acknowledge the one who is judging and comparing as struggling with issues that you are not part of and that reaching perfection is never the goal in life….let it go…it is not attainable…

Only human-ness. Only progress. Only betterment. Only expansion. Only beingness. Only acceptance. Only self-love.

Choose consciously and conscientiously to resist comparison. To embrace diversity. To increase sensitivity. To not be offended. To revel in the fact that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, ages, and colors. To allow yourself to live in your skin the way you choose. To know you are enough. To know you are okay where you are. To be out of the shadows.

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