What Are Your Goals for 2018?

What does a personal trainer do? What is functional aging?

A functional aging specialist is trained to work especially with “mature adults,” meaning over the age of fifty-five.  We keep you functioning in your home, your life, and your world! What’s most important to you–running your first race? Playing with your grandkids? Continuing to drive safely? Competing in Senior Olympics? Being able to do your own grocery shopping? Going to lunch with your long-time friends? Traveling to those exotic places you have fantasized about? Seeing your children grow into their mature years? Going to church weekly? Staying healthy with your partner so you can enjoy each other for the rest of your years? Continuing to be productive as you keep working or volunteering in your community?

I have worked with the older population for many years as a nurse practitioner in pain management, internal medicine, and radiation oncology in private practice, and — proudly so — as a nurse practitioner at the VA, working for our US Veterans.  Older adults have always been a special group to me– everyone has a story, and we all want to tell it as long as we possibly can.

The functional aging training and fitness training education have given me an even better knowledge base and arsenal of information of how we can work together to minimize or slow down the changes that occur with aging through optimal exercise, nutrition, and other aspects of health and wellness that go along with staying healthy! While we cannot stop the aging process, we can certainly influence HOW we age–and we will work together to do it successfully.

When I turned 50 in 2016, I realized — although I was doing fairly well with my fitness and eating programs — that I needed to step it up! I had been training for a half-marathon at Yellowstone Park and also have done some other fun races, but my fitness was not optimized. And I certainly am NOT perfect! I also lost my dad to cancer at a very young age and feel that I have many more years to live…healthy! I subsequently learned everything I could about athletic training and improving multiple aspects of my overall health to perform better. It’s about sleep, food, moving, laughing, balance, spiritual health, and so many more things. We will evaluate what you need and work on that!

I continue to learn every day, and I want to help you help yourself be more healthy and confident in the control of your health!

What I DO know is that I don’t want to see the doctor once a week as I age.  I don’t want to live in a nursing home! I don’t want to be taking a box of pills to treat ailments that I can potentially prevent with good lifestyle choices.  I want to prevent falls to avoid costly, dangerous injuries… All of these things are the important facets that allow all of us to age with gusto and keep doing what we want to be doing! Remember that bucket list!

Call soon — I work closely with my clients and slots are limited especially for those resolutions that are coming in about 60 days! Call me now to get information about what we will do, what equipment might be beneficial, and what things might need to be discussed with your personal physician or nurse practitioner before you embark on an exercise program!  Make your health a priority now!

Call or text me today!

928- 503- 2635

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