Out of the Shadows~Make It Happen

Two years ago on New Years Day in 2015, I posted this on a blog I wanted to start doing in a regular basis. Although I journaled and “blogged” in pictures and thoughts on Facebook, I didn’t follow through with the actual task of the blog or putting myself out there. No one ever saw it. I think that is how I have been living–sort of under the radar, in the shadows, supporting everyone around me and not taking enough chances to shine despite having plenty of chances to do that.

When I turned 50 last year, I knew that something big needed to happen, and I made the shift happen. It’s happening every day, every week, every month. I am moving toward my goals and feeling like anything is possible. No more doubt and fear that will hold me back. No more worrying about what those imaginary people might think. I know those creepy emotions will be there as they are part of the human experience, but they will not thwart me from moving forward, creating, dreaming, and driving me to the limits of what I can do. It’s an awesome feeling.

In my heart and soul, I am thankful for the people, situations, and “problems” that have catapulted me into this new trajectory in life. The problems have become change opportunities, and oh boy, have doors opened.


~Don’t wait for the next thing to happen….make it happen.

It’s so easy to let comfort and fear keep you in the same place.

Allow the unknowing of the future be what drives you.

Allow yourself to look for opportunities and seize them.

Allow yourself to be curious. To achieve. To expand.

To become what you want to become.~


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